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Sunni’s Grille in HL – a family restaurant with a unique menu

Almost 10 years ago, Michael and Nicole Sundt had the idea for a restaurant that would maintain a family atmosphere, while having unique menu items.

According to Michael, Sunni’s Grille grew into that family restaurant with eccentric menu items, such as pecan walleye and fish tacos, just as he wanted.

“When I first opened, I wanted to keep the menu more ‘eater friendly’, as I call it,” Michael said. “I didn’t want customers to come in, look at the menu, and wonder what the items were.”

Michael gradually added more items not generally offered on small-town menus, he said.

“One of my employees encouraged me to offer fish tacos,” Michael explained, “and I thought customers wouldn’t even try them, much less like them.”

According to Michael, the fish tacos were very successful, and he now offers the item regularly.

“If I laid out Sunni’s menus, from the very first until now, one would think it’s a totally different restaurant, but what it was born from is still the same,” Michael said.

Involved in the restaurant business since 1976, Michael said it was his previous experience that gave him the idea to create the diverse menu he now offers at Sunni’s Grille.

Michael may have started Sunni’s Grille because of his love of unique foods, but he continues to love Sunni’s because it is always full of families, he explained.

“I sometimes walk out here and see every table packed with parents, children, and grandparents,” Michael said, “It makes me smile. I love that about our restaurant.”

Sunni’s Grille is known for its warm friendly environment also, according to Michael.

“Some people will come and sit in here all day, because they’re comfortable here,” Michael commented. “I like Sunni’s to feel warm and cozy to my customers.”

Sunni’s Grille employs 12 people and offers more than 70 menu items. It offers featured lunch items on the daily menu, and a “smaller portions for a smaller price menu,” which doubles as its senior citizens menu.

Sunni’s also offers fund-raising opportunities through gift certificates and discounted pizza for benefits and school events.

The restaurant offers a VIP club for diners, delivery to businesses within a 10-mile radius for lunch, and is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

Sunni’s Grille is located at 728 6th St. in Howard Lake. It can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and at

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