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Waverly, Minn., is Humphrey's hometown, located about 30 miles west of Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Hubert Humphrey speaking in Waverly, Minnesota

Hubert H. Humphrey
May 27, 1911 - January 13, 1978
Waverly, Minnesota
Vice President of the United States 1965-1969
United States Senator 1949-1964 and 1971-1978
Mayor of Minneapolis 1945-1948

Hubert H. Humphrey Museum

Museum Project Announcement

The trustees of the Humphrey Museum in Waverly regret that the goal for projected funds needed to create the Humphrey Museum and Learning Center has not been met, and therefore the project will not proceed.

This includes renovating and restoring the Waverly Village Hall, creating exhibits, and establishing an endowment.

For the past four years, the museum board has worked toward a vision which would create a place where people of all ages could experience, study, and debate the issues which Hubert Humphrey influenced during his 30 years as a public servant.

The program themes of "Humphrey - The Humanitarian at Home in Waverly and the World," "The Food for Peace Program," "Civil Rights - Fifty Years of Human Rights," and "Vietnam - A Nation Divided" were to explore the problems and solutions during that period of history which are still relevant in today's world.

The museum's collection of Humphrey artifacts will be given to the Wright County Historical Society. The majority of contributed project funds will be given to the Initiative Foundation for further education and rural development.

The board will explore using a portion of the funds for a local tribute. The one million dollar 1998 bonding appropriation from the Minnesota Legislature will not be released.

Board President Catherine Jackson stated: "The entire board is very disappointed that the project is not able to go forward as planned. A board goal was to build an endowment to fund the ongoing operations of the museum. Despite some significant pledges of money toward our goals of building the museum and funding the endowment, the board decide that we would not be able to complete our funding targets in the allotted time frames."

The Humphrey Museum board and staff express their sincere thanks to members, friends, and the media for their support.

Hubert H. Humphrey Museum
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