E-Mail Pen Pals

If you have any connection to the Herald Journal / Enterprise Dispatch / Delano area, either as a current or former resident, you can be included here in our new E-Mail Pen Pals Directory.

There is no charge and you can ask to be taken off the list at any time. We'll provide a clickable e-mail link so anyone who would like to send you a message can easily do so.

To be included, send us your name, city and state, e-mail address, and a brief description of your connection to the area. To be removed from list, also notify us by e-mail.

Penpals in


Brenda Johnson
Dassel, Minn.
I am looking for old pictures & stories from my annestors that were from Winsted.  Any old Fiecke (Fieke from Germany), Millerbernd (Mollerbernd from Germany), Schlagel (Schloegel from Austria-Hungary), Burger (Puerger from Austria-Hungary) & any Horstman pictures or information on Henry Horstman born in Germany 1872. Also, I have The New Tony & Mary Fiecke Family Books for sale.

Anna Clark
Grove City, Minn.
I orginally grew up in the litchfield area and would like to make friends in the area again... or even in minnesota area. Just looking for some friends to chat with and e-mail back and forth, who have the same interest I do.

Rollie Storry
Delano, Minn.

Mark Ollig
Brainerd, Minn.
I grew up in Winsted, and worked at the Winsted Telephone Company. I write a weekly column for the local paper called Bits & Bytes. I graduated from high school in 1977. I am currently working in Brainerd MN, but will be looking at moving back closer to the Winsted area this summer. Would like to correspond!

Kathleen Anderson
Hutchinson, Minn.
Looking for  a penpal to chat with or
play games on the computer.

Jason Fiecke
Winsted, Minn.
'99 graduate of Winsted

Don Anderson
Alexandria, Minn.
Greetings from founder of Anderson Equipment; moving here from Missouri last January. Write me.

Jean (Schmidt) Birkholz
St. Paul, Minn.
1964 graduate of Lester Prairie. Daughter of Carl and Edna (Tonn) Schmidt, sister of Wesley Schmidt and Debra (Schmidt) Heldt.

Tracy Seidel
Darwin, Minn.

Carrie (Vail) Hausladen
Hutchinson, Minn.
Class of '93. Would like to hear from anyone.

Laura (Vanderlinde) Bloom
St. Louis Park, Minn.
1971 grad of Howard Lake-Waverly. Daughter of Roger and Jacque Vanderlinde. Live in St. Louis Park with husband and daughter, Amber.

Jill M.Johnson
Minneapolis, Minn.
1996 graduate of HLW.

Kristin Litzau
Lester Prairie, Minn.

Mel Pollock
Excelsior, Minn.
Graduated from Watertown in 1996, now live in Excelsior and work in Eden Prairie.

Herb White
Litchfield, Minn.

Warren Danielson
Litchfield, Minn.
Would like to hear from my former classmates, class of 1938, Litchfield, Minn.

Mike Holtz
Robbinsdale, Minn.
1966 graduate of HLHS.

Burton Kreitlow
Howard Lake, Minn.
I prefer contacts with information or questions about life in Highland (Howard Lake is its suburb) from 1917 through 1948.

Gary Wessling
Winsted, Minn.

Waverly, Minn.
I go to HLWW High School.

Cheryl (Reinke) Schiller
Hastings, Minn.
Raised in Winsted until 1968. Went to Howard Lake for 7th grade and most of 8th grade. Paul and Ellen Weibel were my grandparents.

Don Danford
Howard Lake, Minn.
Interested in information from Hamilton, Ohio. Used to live there in the '50s and went to school at St. Peter's and Hamilton Catholic High. Anyone who remembers those days, please let me know.

Bill Guntle
Burnsville, Minn.
Graduated from Mound, class of '51. Married classmate and high school sweetheart, Lois Haagensen. We are retired. I am president of Birnamwood Homes Assn., a 222-unit townhouse development on Birnamwood Golf Course.

Edward Fellows
Austin, Minn.
Graduated from Lester Prairie in 1978. Drop me a line.

Jon Lorentz
Winsted, Minn.
Class of 1987 from Howard Lake-Waverly

Bill Parks
Bloomington, Minn.
Class of 1960.

Greg Krause
Willmar, Minn.
1967 grad of Howard Lake.

Thom Kreutter
Waverly, Minn.

Dan Stifter
Aitkin, Minn.
1984 graduate of Holy Trinity.

Jeff Albers
Winsted, Minn.

Edward and Delrose Fuchs
Winsted, Minn.

Cathy (Sawatzke) Gunderson
Belle Vista, Arkansas
Graduated from St. Mary's, Waverly, in 1964. Larry and I are retired in living in NW Arkansas.

I build model airliners in 1/144 scale. Looking for someone with same interest.

Tracy DeLuca
Deltona, Florida
Lived In Howard Lake. Went to HLW from K-10. Moved to Florida in 1984. Would love to chat with some old friends.

Jim O'Leary
Corpus Christi, Texas
Graduated from St. Mary's High School in Waverly in 1949. Homesick for Waverly and all of Minnesota.

Dan Lorentz
Murfreesboro, TN
Class of 1985

Patti (Frankenfield) Peterson
Fairfield, Ohio
Lived in Winsted in the '70s. Attended Holy Trinity 1st-5th grades; would have been part of '84 graduating class. Would love to hear from you; please include "Winsted" in subject line.

Tina (Fagerness) Grywacz
Mosinee, Wisconsin
I lived in New Germany when I was younger and am looking for the Roseland family (Rayn).

Daniel Benton
Chandler, Arizona
I lived in Lester Prairie untill 1995 we we moved to California.

Raymond E. Karels
5684 Chocolate Dr., Sun Valley, FL
Descended from the Karels family who homesteaded in Hollywood Twp. Carver Co., MN in 1857, and interested in the genealogy of the many families descended from them. Also interested in families from the Carver and McLeod Co. area who migrated to Lac qui Parle Co., MN when that territory opened up in the 1880's. Surnames include, but are not confined to: Karels, Artmann, Laxen, Kegler, Habisch, Quast, Otto, Rathmanner, Shovelain, Kohler, Neumann, Heimerl, Bebo (Bibeau), Sicheneder, Fois, Wadekind, Henning, Zimmerman(n), Dummer, Spatz, Mikulecky, Bartels, Papberg, Gow, Knott, Sterner, Hausladen, Bates, and many others.

Graham Laxen
30 Kanangra Crescent, Cherrybrook, Sydney NSW 2126, Australia
Attempting to contact members of the Laxen family, to establish a common link among those who share this rare surname. The surname originates either from Aylsham in Norfolk (in my case), or possibly Scandinavia (especially Finland).

Darrin Blanchette
Hello ­ I'm a 1985 graduate of Howard Lake-Waverly High School and have been serving our country ever since, including ODS and recently OIF.  Currently live in Chester, Virginia and am anxiously awaiting these last couple of years to go by so I can retire from the military!  Write when you get a chance!

Donald and Liz Rasmussen
Summer, Washington
Ex-residents of Waverly and Howard Lake. Family still in Howard Lake: Jerry, Sandy, Bonnie, and Todd Rasmussen.

Ronald Hahn
Mesa, Arizona
Parents were Larry and Kathy Hahn. Lived in Howard Lake from 1964-1977, livedin Dassel 1986-88. Would like to here from anyone who might remember me from school

Jim O'Leary
Corpus Christi, Texas
Graduated from St. Mary's High School in Waverly in 1949. Homesick for Waverly and all of Minnesota.

Joe and Debbie Herda
Millington, Tennessee
Parents are Joe and Ann Herda. Brothers and sisters are Dave, Steve, Marry, Debbie (dec.), Margie (dec.), Connie, Jim, Terri, and Danny, We mostly grew up in Waverly. I graduated from St. Mary's in 1965. Spent about 21 years in US Navy, retired from Navy in '88. Married Debbie Kutz in '71. Have 2 children, Andy and Angie, both of whom are also married. Would love to hear from any friends/classmates.

Bruce Westphal
Great Falls, Montana
Class of 1961.

Edward Robinson
Lusby, Maryland
Howard Lake HS class of '71. 20 years in U.S. Marine Corps. Currently work for Boeing on F/A-18 aircraft.

Yuma, Arizona

Kathy (Sheffield) Hoover
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pat Kreitlow
I'm working with other Kreitlows on a geneaology project, and would like to learn more about the area where by great-great grandfather, Herman Otto Kreitlow, grew up.

William Deiter
Clarksville, Tennessee
1983 graduate of Howard Lake. Likes steam trains and guitars.

Kiel Bode
Resided in Howard Lake, about 1988-92.

Joy Schermann
Tucson, Arizona
1985 graduate of Howard Lake-Waverly.

David Lorentz
Fox Lake, Illinois
1988 graduate of HLW.

Carrie (Lahr) Sweeney
Lived in Howard Lake in '60s and '70s. Want to hear about reunion for class of 1980.

Mike DeLong
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Taught English in Silver Lake, 1978-87. Interested in hearing from former students, parents, or fellow teachers.

Janice (Laxen) Mortenson
San Francisco, California
Originally from Winsted, class of 1966. Been in SF for 14 years. Interested in hearing from classmates or cousins anywhere.

Cheryl (Karstens) Ford
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
1983 grad from Howard Lake-Waverly

Don Webb
Houston, Texas
Lived in Winsted during late '40s and early '50s; attended Howard Lake High School for 3 years; moved to Tennessee in 1954. Age 60.

Melanie Kohler
Tucson, Arizona

Carol Petersen Goodell
Ocala, Florida
Graduated from Howard Lake High School in 1960.

Curtis Weibel
Larsen, Wisconsin
Graduated in 1964 from Howard Lake High

Karen (Frankenfield) Geyer
Hamilton, Ohio
Lived in Winsted in the '70s. Would love to hear from some people I grew up with.

Jim Dondono, Jr.
Pacifica, California
Great-grandson of Anna Dreher, 1938, from Howard Lake

Bob Hensel
McDonough, Georgia
1974 grad of Howard Lake-Waverly

Steve Evenski
San Antonio, Texas
1978 graduate of HL-W. Looking for information on 20-year reunion.

Diane (Laxen) Green
Graham, Washington
1963 grad from Holy Trinity. I get homesick for all you people - drop me a line

Ken Christopher
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Born in Howard Lake, attended school there until 5th grade, then moved to Mpls.

Karla (Fasching) Powell
USAF Academy, Colorado
Graduate of Holy Trinity, 1986

Cheryl (Brown) Fourneau
Oceanside, California
Lived in Oceanside 15 years. Grew up in Howard Lake. Class of '76.

Brenda L. (Mauk) Ferris
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
1989 grad of HL-W

Carol Emal
Grad of Watertown-Mayer, 1977

Herman B. Laxen
The Villages, Florida

Barb Reeves
Corbin, Kentucky
Former Barb Tuckenhagen. Graduated from St. Mary's in 1959.

David Herda
Waco, Texas
Born in Northfield, MN, family moved to Waverly with parents Joe & Ann Herda in 1956. Joe & Ann (dec) provided me with of 4 brothers & 5 sisters; some still in the area. I now live in central Texas with wife Joyce, two sons, one daughter, a daughter-in-law and grand daughter. I served in the Navy (aviation), Air National Guard and retired from the Air Force Reserve after 24 + yrs. I’ve been full time with Defense Contract Management Agency for twenty yrs full time.

Ursula Merkens
I am looking for a penpal in Minnesota. Every year I come and visit friends in Minnesota and I stay around Cokato/Dassel with friends. I am a 57 year old woman from Germany and want contact to people around this area, so maybe I can meet them during I am in Minnesota.

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