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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake Herald, Minn.

August 3, 1998

New member on the outdoor team

In every bird hunter's life, there are certain things that mark time and set seasons apart. One of those things is the arrival of a new hunting dog, be it a pup or a started dog.

In my case, this season will be extremely different from the past few because of the addition of Angus, a strong, feisty, all black, nine-week old lab - spaniel mix.

I've had him for a week now, and so far he's everything you would look for in a pup.

He loves the water, chases birds like crazy, adores people, and seems to be somewhat smarter than a block.

Although he has a touch of spaniel in him, he looks all lab and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he turns out to be a 90-pound monster with a head you could set a 12-pack on.

Angus will be my third hunting dog. My first one was Bear, a lab - spaniel mix my dad got for me when I was 13. My second dog, and the one Angus will learn from, is Tucker. A 10-year old purebred black lab that has taken to Angus pretty well, so far. The relationship was a little rocky at first, Tucker didn't let Angus in the doghouse until Friday. Now, except for Tucker becoming a little annoyed at times with too many bites to the tail, things are going super.

Angus, only after a week at home, has already created some unforgettable memories. The first day I had him home he tumbled down our basement steps like a whining and whimpering piece of wet laundry. I was playing ball with him in the kitchen just to check him out and see what he was like, then I started picking up the house a bit, threw some dirty laundry down the steps, and there went the pup after the laundry - head over heels down the steps. He whined something fierce, but came out scrapping.

His second adventure involves a tube of caulking thats too sticky to write about.

So far I am extremely happy with the pup. But, deciding on a new dog or puppy is no easy task. I look for a few things and then hope a lot of time in the field and help from my old dog will take care of the rest.

In next weeks column, I'll let you know why my wife and I decided to get this pup and why we named him Angus.

Surfing the outdoors on the Internet

The Internet or the World Wide Web is an amazing piece of technology. As a form of communication and dispersing information on the outdoors, it is as broad and far-reaching as the Dakota prairie.

On the Web, there is so much information on the outdoors available it is almost unbelievable. You can plan a hunting or fishing trip, order a hunting license, book a resort, research lakes, read detailed maps, buy a personalized hunting cap and even collect information on getting a new puppy or started hunting dog.

If you hunt out of state and are planning a trip right now the Web is a super place to start. States like Nebraska, South and North Dakota, all have Web sites that carry detailed information on their hunting and fishing seasons. Last year I ordered my North Dakota hunting license on the Web. It worked great. With a few strokes on the keyboard I had my license number and just about all the information on hunting in North Dakota that I needed, including detailed maps on public hunting areas and game surveys.

To find any of these sites just hop on a search engine like and start looking.

For local outdoor information head to my site, on the Web at At my site I also have links to various other outdoor related sites like the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources site. In the near future I will also be adding links to Nebraska's DNR site and those in North and South Dakota plus a few tools on planning an outdoor trip.

As in a piece of good advice, head to the World Wide Web outdoor info, you'll be amazed at what's there.

Outdoor notes

  • Don't wait another day to finalize details on your fall hunting trips.
  • Public Recreation Information Maps put out by the DNR are the most comprehensive recreation maps available in Minnesota. Maps are broken down into 51 separate areas and show things like township roads, Minnesota State Wildlife Management Areas, public water accesses, and other public lands. For more information on the maps, or to get an order form call 1-888-646-6367.
  • Do your share to get kids involved in the outdoors.
  • On Friday evening, August 7, I'll be heading to Mille Lacs to fish on a launch. There will be a full moon that evening and hopefully the fishing will be good.
  • Look for big northerns to start hitting spoons on our area lakes very soon. The action really starts to pick up in mid-August.
  • One of the best tools in planning an outdoor trip is the journal you kept last year. Start an outdoor journal today.
  • The Winsted Sportsmen's Club will meet on Tuesday, August 4 at the club house on Lake Mary. The club is also hosting a meat raffle and karoeke at Tom's Corner Bar in Winsted on Friday, Aug. 7 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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