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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake Herald, Minn.

August 17, 1998

Angus at 10 weeks old

By now, most of you know all about Angus and the trials and tribulations my wife and I went through in deciding to get him.

If you don't, I'm sure Angus would be a little disappointed. He likes to share his sense of adventure with just about anything or anybody that is in his path.

Referring to his curiosity and nose for trouble as a sense of adventure may be a bit of an understatement.

Right now, Angus is 10 weeks old. We've had him for three - he's growing like a corn stalk in July, driving my old dog crazy at times, and takes advantage every possible opportunity to have fun.

In the past weeks, I've tried my best to get Angus socialized to his environment and all things around him.

With help from me, he's checked out dog kennels, trucks, cars, several other dogs and animals, boats, the house, kids who love to play, large groups of people, the vet, and water.

On his own, he's checked out, and on occasion torn apart, every shoe we have on the shoe rack in our garage, the shrubs in front of our house, the light plug on my dog trailer, paint, my wife's garden, and the neighbor's flowers.

Last week, while I was working in the front yard, he managed to pull out every shoe from our garage and drag them one at time all the way across the backyard to his kennel.

He was systematic, one shoe at a time from the garage to the kennel. It probably took him more than a half-hour to do it. He must get bored in his kennel at night and decided he needed 20 or 30 more chew toys to keep him busy.

Actually, I was impressed by his attention span. If he had the patience and perseverence to carry that many shoes, he should be able to learn how to sit and stay. We'll find out.

For the next month or so, Angus will spend most of his time just having fun and learning about the things around him. But, he's also ready to start some more serious training.

Next week, I'll let you know how he's doing and we'll all get an idea if he meets my initial expectation that he would be at least somewhat smarter than a block.

Charter fishing on Mille Lacs

Seven keepers, one trophy, and four hours of fishing - more than worth the drive and the money.

On Friday evening, Aug. 7, I headed up to Mille Lacs Lake to fish on a charter with Mike Guggemos of Winsted and about 20 or so other anglers from the area.

The charter was arranged by Mike and a few of his co-workers at Littfin Lumber Co. in Winsted and Howard Lake.

We fished on a charter boat or launch out of Zeguchie's on the west side of the lake. The fishing time was slated for four hours and we had lines in the water from about 8:30 p.m. to midnight. It was a full moon night with the weather a bit stormy and a good walleye chop on the water.

The charter guides took us out to the sand, and set us up in 32 feet of water with leeches and slip bobber rigs.

The fishing could have been a bit better, but there were no complaints. I landed a keeper, a 15-inch walleye on a floating jig head.

Dave Oien pulled in a 17-incher. Larry Vealetzek of Winsted picked up a nice 18-incher, Chip Guggemos also of Winsted, topped me with a 16-inch walleye, and the angler of the night was Leon Decker of Waverly.

Leon landed three of the seven fish we kept including a 9-plus pound trophy. The fish was a hog, 29 3/4 inches long with a 13-inch girth. It was the biggest walleye I've seen caught in some time.

Dates to remember this fall

Sept. 5 - Minnesota early Canada goose season opens

Sept. 10 - Application deadline for antlerless deer permits in Minnesota

Sept. 19 - Minnesota small game and archery deer seasons open

Sept. 19 - Youth waterfowl hunting day in Minnesota (tentative)

Oct. 3 - Minnesota waterfowl season opens

Oct. 10 - Minnesota pheasant season opens

Oct. 11 - Minnesota waterfowl can be hunted until sunset

Oct. 17 - South Dakota pheasant season opens

Oct. 26 - (approx.) Lucky Minnesota firearms deer hunters receive antlerless permits

Oct. 31 - Iowa pheasant season opens

Oct. 31 - Nebraska pheasant season opens

Nov. 7 - Minnesota firearms deer season opens

Nov. 28 - Minnesota muzzleloader deer season opens

Outdoor notes

  • Ruffed grouse hunting in Minnesota's northern forests is expected to be excellent this year. The ruffed grouse season in our state opens on Sept. 19, with the best hunting usually occurring around Oct. 20.
  • The 1998 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook is out and available at area license vendors. 1998 deer licenses and permit applications are also available.
  • Get your hunting dog in shape for the upcoming seasons. Start out slow and be very cautious of hot weather and humidity.
  • Anglers from around the area have reported that nice sunfish are biting at a good pace on Lake Minnetonka. Hallstead and Priest's bays have been good bets.
  • Plan now to get a kid involved in the outdoors this fall.
  • With hunting just around the corner, pay special attention to the storage and security of your firearms and ammunition. Make sure they are always properly and securely stored away from and unavailable to children.
  • Large northern pike will be hitting spoons and flashy lures on lakes around the state very soon. One of the best lakes to hit for trophy pike is Mille Lacs. Troll with Daredevils just off the outside weedline on bays like Isle and Waukon.
  • Enjoy the summer weather while it's still here. The first official day of fall is just over a month away.

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