Chris Schultz

Outdoors Column

By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake Herald, Minn.

November 30, 1998

Bringing the outdoors indoors

An old decoy, or shotgun shell box, a mounted ringneck pheasant or ceramic figure of a hunting dog, or how about a goofy clock that quacks like a duck and echoes the blast of a shot gun when a button is pushed.

Many of us, especially those of us who love to hunt and fish, are extreme outdoor nuts.

Being indoors and away from the adventures we love just about drives us crazy.

With that in mind and knowing that we are indoors much more than we are out, we do our awful best to make our home, office, basement, or garage look like and remind us of the outdoors and the hunting and fishing we love so much.

For most, accomplishing that look and atmosphere of bringing the outdoors indoors is more of an adventure then chasing ringnecks through a half frozen cattail slough. We try, but for several reasons, we never get the bird.

That's for most of us. There are exceptions. Angela Lachermeier, artist and owner of What Next, an antiques, collectibles, gifts, and art shop in downtown Waverly, is a definite exception. In an old building with a classy renovation job that she and her husband Tom did, they have a shop and a uniquely decorated studio apartment.

The shop is full of hundreds of examples of the outdoor kind of stuff we all want at our place. For example, there are antique and reprinted tin advertising signs from Remington and other outdoor vendors, cool clocks, pictures, prints, old and new, shelves, ceramics, beer signs, decoys, fishing lures and all kinds of stuff that goes past what we think is unique.

One of the best in the shop is Angela's own original paintings. There's one that's a big time eye catcher, a painting of an old building covered with nostalgic advertising signs and collectibles. For now there's just the original, but Angela is in the process of getting prints for resale done.

The shop, has so many great gift ideas for the outdoor nut that it's like a slough full of mallards on the waterfowl opener. It's great to look and watch and you're guaranteed not to come home empty handed.

The apartment has some designs and well put together looks that most of us would like to load up in the back of our trucks and take home. At their place, Angela has accomplished what so many of us try to; that look of unique comfort that reminds us of the outdoors and the best of old times.

The stuff in the shop and her ability to create the atmosphere are for sale, but the painting and the displays in the studio apartment aren't.

If my wife is reading this week, I want the clock that quacks like a duck echoes the blast of a shotgun and body.

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