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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

March 1, 1999

Tucker enjoyed the outdoors

In the world of the outdoors and hunting, especially upland gamebird hunting, the one thing that really drives a hunter to the field and the experience time and time again is the work of and love for a dog.

In my case, being a more than avid upland and waterfowl hunter for most of the past 11 years, and for as long has I have been writing about the outdoors in this publication and several others, the dog that has driven me to the field on mild openers and frigid December days has been Tucker.

A trademark labrador, tall, lean, and black, with the desire to please, disposition, and ability to hunt that sets the standard of the breed.

Eleven years he was with me on those hunts before and after work, on trips through Canada and across the midwest, in the boat, fishhouse, and at the foot of my bed.

For me, and also for Angus, good years that have come to an end far too soon.

As all who have had the same type of relationship would, I am sorry and a bit sad over the loss of a good dog and companion.

Although numerous treatments, along with various medications and diets were attempted, a failing heart, poor kidneys, and severe arthritis finally caught up with Tucker.

His desire was fleeting, and in pain, his eyes were sad. On Friday, it was time to end the suffering and let pain be overtaken by fond memories.

Fortunately, and as my dad reminded me, Tucker had the life all hunting dogs dream of. Many days spent in fields, swamps, and woods that were full of pheasant, duck, and grouse.

I'm sure Tucker knew that the one thing that really drove me to the field for most of those 11 years was the pride and enjoyment I took in his work and companionship.

Outdoor notes

  • The 1999 Minnesota Fishing Regulations Handbook is out and available at area license vendors.
  • Remember to buy your new fishing license and shelter license before you hit the lake for some fishing. The 1999 season officially started today, and your 1998 license is no longer valid.
  • Fishhouses were required to be off lakes in our area on Sunday, Feb. 28.
  • Some of the best panfish action of the year is just around the corner. Fish shallow, go to those old hot spots and be mobile.
  • The Lester Prairie Sportsmen's Club will host its annual father-son banquet Friday, March 19 at the Lester Prairie City Hall.
  • The 1999 fishing opener is set for Saturday, May 15.
  • Losing an old dog is always tough. In my case, I'm not sure who will miss Tucker more, Angus or me. From experience, I have found that the best training tool for a young dog is a good old one.

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