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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

April 19, 1999

Another young dog story: broken glasses

They can be funny, scary, annoying, or completely frustrating, - whichever, young dogs seem to create all kinds of interesting stories.

Some stories even end up with an owner of a young dog breaking his eyeglasses.

Last week, I got a call from a relative asking why and what I was doing in his neighbor's cow yard. My relative, who had gotten a call from the neighbor asking the same thing, wondered if my dog Angus was chasing the neighbor's steer and if that was the reason I was in the cow yard.

I told him the steer was more like a bull, and that Angus wasn't chasing the bull, the bull was chasing me.

Early in the week, I was with Angus giving him a workout and trying to calm some of his unending energy and curiosity. Across the highway from the area I was working Angus, and near my relatives' home, are three country homes.

All the homes have dogs, with one home having a big steer with horns that I will refer to as a bull for the rest of this frustrating story.

After about five minutes of throwing a retrieving dummy for Angus, he caught whiff of something in the wind and took off across the road and to the country homes like Randy Moss heading for the end zone.

There was no stopping him; the only thing I could do was follow and hopefully catch up to him.

Angus had caught wind of the dogs living at the homes and with no mind to my yelling, was going to check all three of them out.

In an effort to catch him, I made my way under several fences, past the bull, and through the above mentioned cow yard.

On this pass through the cow yard, the bull seemed to not even care I was there. He didn't bother to give me more than just a slight glance and besides, he was fenced inside a smaller part of the yard.

Two homes and two dogs later, I finally got a hold of Angus and put him on the leash.

Not wanting to make a long embarrassing walk all the way around the homes and down a long driveway, I decided to slide under the fence again and cut through the cow yard past the fenced-in bull.

I should have accepted the embarrassment of an unruly young dog and made the long walk around.

This time, the bull was not willing to accept my presence in his yard. He must have figured once was enough.

After Angus and I started walking across the cow yard, the bull decided to break through a gate in the small part of the yard where he was fenced and give us a good look and a big snort.

At first, I wasn't worried. I've been around cows all my life and like most, I figured this one was more curious than angry.

Again, I was wrong. Before I knew it, the bull was running at full steam and about 10 yards behind me.

With Angus in hand, I took off faster than Randy Moss heading for the end zone, made hay across 50 or so yards of cow yard and dove underneath the barbed wire fence.

When I got up, the bull was standing near the fence line snorting at Angus and me. My eye glasses were on the ground bent, twisted, and broken.

The bull walked away with satisfaction, Angus basked in excitement, and I had a broken pair of glasses and another frustrating dog story.

Outdoor notes

  • As the weather and and water in our area lakes warm, look for good crappie fishing. Some anglers in the area are already finding some good crappie action, and the best crappie fishing of the year should be here very soon.
  • The Winsted Sportsmen's Club and other groups have discussed starting a walleye fingerling stocking program on Lake Mary.
  • Good luck to all the turkey hunters taking part in this spring's 1999 Minnesota wild turkey hunting season. A record harvest is expected this season.
  • The Wright County Chapter of Pheasants Forever will hold its 14th annual banquet Monday, April 26 at the Buffalo Civic Center. Cackling hour begins at 5:30 p.m., with dinner and program at 7 p.m. For ticket information, contact Bob Peterson at 320-963-6581.
  • Make plans now for your fall hunting trips.
  • League trapshooting at the Lester Prairie Sportsmen's Club begins Wednesday, April 21.
  • The 1999 Minnesota fishing opener will be Saturday, May 15. Buy your 1999 license, get your gear ready, and replace the line on your fishing reels.

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