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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

May 29, 2000

Birds need a place to live, too

Every morning, as set forth by my wife, I get my two-year-old daughter up, out of bed, dressed, washed, combed, and fed.

When she's ready to go, we typically head back to the kennel so she can say hello to Angus, our two-year-old lab, and give him a bone.

Of that routine, getting my daughter's hair combed is definitely the worst. She hates it, and to get the job done, I usually tell her we have to comb the birds out of her hair so Angus and the kitties at Grandma's don't get them.

Most times, the bird trick works and she heads out the door with the best fashion statement Dad can provide.

One day last week, the bird trick backfired. Her hair didn't get combed, and Angus didn't get his morning bone.

The night before, we were watching a show on PBS about birds - migrating, nesting, hatching, bird feeders, that kind of stuff. Abbi loved it.

The next morning, Abbi's hair was unusually wild and birdy.

But, when it came time to comb her hair, there was no way.

I reminded her several times, that if we didn't comb the birds out, Angus or the kitties at Grandma's might get them.

With the most sincere tone I have ever heard, Abbi commented, "Daddy, don't comb the nests out my hair. The birds need a place to live, too."

She was so serious I couldn't even let out a chuckle. That morning, her hair didn't get combed, and in fear of her birds, she wouldn't go out and give Angus his bone. I'm not sure if she played with kitties at Grandma's that day or not.

Area lakes fishing report

The weather has started to cooperate, the bass season is open, sunfish are moving into the shallows and beginning to spawn, and the muskie season opens Saturday, June 3.

After a lackluster walleye and northern opener, you could say the fishing season is now in full swing.

Joe's Sport Shop in Howard Lake reports: Activity has picked up some, but the action hasn't been great. Collinwood is giving up a few walleyes. Anglers are nabbing a few sunfish on Howard, and the crappie action on Lake Mary has been super.

Joe's also noted that several anglers have reported that sunfish are in the shallows and spawning in most lakes in our area.

Other reports from anglers have Lake Stella providing decent walleye action trolling on the south side. Swan Lake is producing crappies and a few sunnies, and the Crow River is giving up good numbers of catfish and a few walleyes.

Outdoor notes

  • Minnesota is first nationally in the sale of fishing licenses per capita.
  • Minnesota currently has about 2.1 million anglers.
  • The bass season is now open. Give jerk baits and scented plastic slugs a try, like Berkley's power slug. They are my bait of choice for the bass lakes in our area.
  • A new live bait has hit the market: green nightcrawlers. Anglers on Mille Lacs are raving about them.
  • Make sure your dog has been checked for heartworm and is on a heartworm preventative medication.
  • The mosquitoes will be out very soon.
  • When fishing for sunnies, try ultralight gear. Catching bluegills on a tiny spinning equipment with light line is a blast.
  • With Memorial Day just past, on your next fishing adventure, remember those who served and died to protect and preserve our rights and freedom. That freedom includes our outdoor heritage and our privilege to hunt and fish.

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