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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

July 12, 1999

Big fish still biting

Area lakes fishing report:

Limits of big bass, a 22 inch largemouth, a four pound plus crappie, and a few dandy northern pike.

As you can see from the photos in this weeks column and according to reports from around the area, good numbers of fish are still being caught including some dandy trophies.

Last week, it was reported a 22 inch, seven pound largemouth bass was caught on Lake Mary with other good sized bass coming off Dog and Ida.

On Howard Lake, action on northern pike contiues to be excellent, and anglers are finding good numbers of sunfish in eight to fifteen feet of water.

Also, lakes Parley, Minnetonka, Ann, Waconia, and John have been producing fair to excellent action on sunfish. The sunnies on Ann have been big, but hard to catch and the western bays of Lake Minnetonka are just starting to provide super catches of half pound sunfish.

Regarding the sunfish action; the fish have moved into deeper water and on several lakes they have been very finicky. A good bet is to fish off the deep outside weed edges in 10 to 15 feet of water. Use clean very lite tackle with a variety of baits, like wax worms, angle worms, magets, and very small leeches. At this time of year, small leeches are often the bait of choice for post spawn sunfish.

On a final fishing report note, one angler I spoke with this week said he has been fishing just about every day for the past couple of weeks or so. He has two young boys and it seems the boys just can't get along well enough while they're in the boat. He got tired of the hassle two young anglers can create while they're together, and in effort to ease the competition, he split the two. One wets a line with dad on Monday and the next on Tuesday and so on and so on. He said the system works great, the family is happy, and best of all he got to double his own fishing time.

That guy is one the smartest anglers Iv'e spoken with in quite some time.

Moose season correction:

In last weeks column I reported that because of budget cuts in the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Section the DNR had cancelled the 1999 Minnesota moose hunting season. I am happy to say, that is not correct. The 1999 Minnesota moose hunting season has no been cancelled and is on as planned. However, and because of the budget cuts I described last week, the year 2000 Minnesota moose hunting season has been tentativley cancelled.

Regarding the cuts in services, projects and programs by the DNR; the cuts were neccessary because the legislature, in the 1999 session, did not take action on a hunting and fishing license fee increase. Basically, the DNR needed the funds from a license fee increase to maintane it's services and programs. With out the funds cuts had to be made.

Outdoor notes

  • Take a kid fishing, you'll have fun and so will they.
  • The Winsted Sportsmen's Club will meet on Tuesday, July 13, 7 p.m. at the Lake Mary club house.
  • For all kinds of information on the outdoors, and help in planning your next outdoor trip, check out the world wide web. A great palce to start is the outdoors section on this papers website. You'll find information form this column and links to several other outdoor related sites. Just get on line and go to
  • When you head outside, be cautious of the sun and of musquitos. Use a quality sunscreen and don't forget the bug spray.
  • On July 4, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area got hit by a severe summer storm and many acres of trees went down making travel in the area difficult. If you have a trip planned to the area or would like to go, please call 218-365-7600 for details and current conditions for the area before you go.
  • Try a little hot sauce on your sunfish fillets. Hit em with a couple dabs right in the frying pan. If you like hot buffalo wings, you'll love some spice on your sunfish fillets.

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