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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

November 29, 1999

Area lakes hunting and fishing report

A little winter-like weather got a good chunk of outdoor enthusiasts pretty excited last week.

Although it wasn't much of a blast - just a little wet snow - would-be ice anglers, snowmobilers, pheasant hunters, and even late season waterfowlers were happy to see a modest change in the weather.

For now, ice anglers, skiers, and snowmobilers will still have to tame their desire and patiently wait for safe ice and snow to arrive. Often, ice anglers are scooting out on four to five inches of ice on our lakes at this time of year.

Pheasant hunters across the midwest pheasant range, including myself, cackled like a rooster, at the site of some wet snow and rain to moisten the grass and calm the dust.

Dry conditions had been making late season pheasant hunting tough on hunters and, especially, dogs. The moisture will create better scenting conditions for dogs and give hunters a better chance to bag a late season rooster or two. Minnesota's pheasant hunting season closes Dec. 19.

The touch of snowy weather also pushed some waterfowl into our area and other portions of the state, finally giving waterfowlers the boost in duck numbers they have been waiting for all season.

On a late season pheasant hunting jaunt to western Minnesota last week, I noticed good numbers of ducks and huge numbers of Canada geese that had been pushed into the area by the weather.

It was the largest concentration of waterfowl I have seen all year, and there were a good number of duck hunters out taking advantage of the opportunity. Minnesota's duck hunting season closes Nov. 30.

On a final note, with a very short column this week, I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving, and if you're an ice angler, snowmobiler, or skier: be patient, winter will eventually get here.

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