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By Chris Schultz
Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

Feb. 19, 2001

Fishing contest winners

Here are the winners in the 55th annual fishing derby on Howard Lake Feb. 10, sponsored by the Howard Lake Sportsmen's Club:

Biggest northern - Marvin Marketon, 8.12 pounds

Biggest sunfish - Mike Sherman, 4 ounces.

Biggest crappie - Jared Driver, 7 ounces.

Biggest bass - Doug DeMarais, 4.4 ounces.

There was no walleye winner.

Hole chiseling - Dennis Decker.

Hand auger - Dan Zachmann.

Power auger - 1st Ron Zachmann, 2nd Dave Oestreich.

Oldest fisherman on lake - Stan Norquist.

David Sale won the top prize of a King Crow deluxe fish house in the raffle drawings. Marvin Marketon won the power ice auger, and Bob Berg won "The Pumpkin Patch" print by J. Meger.

CROW gets grant

The Crow River Organization of Water (CROW) has received a $398,415 grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

The Clean Water Partnership grant, matched by cash and services from individuals and local, state, and federal governments, will help fund a three-year diagnostic study of water pollution in the Crow River basin.

CROW is a joint powers organization of nine counties (McLeod, Wright, Carver, Hennepin, Kandiyohi, Meeker, Pope, Renville, and Sibley) with land in the Crow River watershed.

The study results will be used to gain support and facilitate the cooperation of local government, agriculture, businesses, and citizens in the preservation and restoration of the Crow River.

"The diagnostic study is necessary to determine the extent to which rapid urban growth, new and expanding wastewater facilities and erosion from agricultural lands are affecting the Crow River," said Jenny Lee, watershed project coordinator.

The project will help identify areas of the watershed that need protection and those that need restoration. The main objectives of the study are:

· identify water, nutrient, and sediment loss rates along the Crow River basin.

· identify river water quality patterns by river segment and tributary.

· increase awareness among citizens and landowners in the watershed of water quality issues.

Open houses were held last spring throughout the watershed to receive citizen input on the diagnostic study. Monitoring will begin this spring at about 30 sites on the Crow River and its tributaries. The sites will be supervised through a joint effort of CROW, MPCA, and the Department of Natural Resources.

A citizen stream monitoring network will also provide data to supplement the study. Anyone interested in participating in the monitoring network is asked to contact Lee at (763) 682-1933, ext. 3.

For more information about the Clean Water Partnership program and other water quality issues, visit MPCA's Web site at, and select "water."

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