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By Chris Schultz
Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

July 2, 2001

The weather got hot and the fishing slowed down

The best action had come from Howard Lake where anglers in the Howard Lake Good Neighbor Days fishing contest June 23 reported excellent catches of a variety of fish.

Bass and walleye were hitting good, the panfish bite was excellent, and the action on northern pike was super. Northerns definitely provided the best action during the tournament.

Other than the GND contest, it seems the fishing on our area lakes has slowed.

Hot weather, the vacation season, little league, lawnmowing, and a host of other reasons all lead to a little dip in angler activity on our area lake in early July.

That's kind of the norm. When July 4 hits, people head up north, go on vacation, and the fast-paced action on our local lakes isn't as fast anymore.

Dave Groff of Lil' Angie's Bait and Tackle at the Treasure Hunt between Lester Prairie and Winsted reported: The action and activity has slowed down locally. The walleyes have moved into deeper water, the panfish bite has been fair and northern pike have providing the best action. Last week, walleyes were hitting in 13 to 15 feet of water on Swan Lake near Silver Lake, and in 18 plus feet of water on Lake Ann.

Joe's Sport Shop in Howard Lake reported: The action during the GND contest was good, and the northern pike bite on Howard continues to be good.

Joe's also noted the sunfish bite has slowed a bit and anglers on Collinwood are nabbing some dandy northerns.

One final note: when activity and fishing pressure slow up on our local lakes, the quality of fishing, especially in the early morning, can get better. The fish get tougher to find, but when you do find them they still bite, and there is less competition from other anglers.

Outdoor notes

­ Although fishing activity on our local lakes had slowed a bit, activity from boating, water skiing, and other water sports has picked up. Remember to be safe and not sorry when you're on the water.

­ Mosquitoes and biting insects have come out in full force. Be prepared for them and don't let it ruin your summer in the outdoors. Mosquitoes are usually the worst in the hour or so around sunset; then an hour or so after dark they ease up.

­ Make sure you have had your pet checked for heartworm and are on a heartworm preventative medication.

­ Pay special attention to your trees and shrubs. Several insects are having banner years this summer and are doing extensive damage to trees in certain locations throughout our area.

­ Now is the time to start fishing deeper and with different types of presentations. To find the big sunfish that have moved off spawning beds, try trolling with small leeches just off outside weed lines.

When you feel the taps on your rig or you have caught a few, anchor the boat and fish that leech about a foot off the bottom.

­ Take some time to enjoy summer and the outdoors.

­ Don't wait any longer. Plan your fall hunting trips now. The early goose season is only two months away.

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