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By Chris Schultz
Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Minn.

Feb. 23, 2004

Fish biting on Lake Ann, aeration may be next

It's been a tough road for lake Ann in the past few years, low oxygen levels, flooding, fish kills and more.

It seems the lake faces one adversity after another.

Even with all that bad news, the lake is producing fish.

Apparently, the lake has been a hot spot for crappies and sunfish in the last few weeks.

The lake producing fish is an example of the resiliency of our natural resources, the concern of area anglers, and the commitment of the Lake Ann Improvement Association.

In comparison to the many other lake associations across the state, the Lake Ann Improvement Association is one of the most organized and committed.

The association's latest effort may be aeration.

In last week's Herald Journal, the association announced its intent to aerate the lake this February if oxygen levels drop below 2pp.

Working with the DNR, the association may prepare, and install, an aerator on the northwest side of the lake.

If aeration does occur, there will a large area of open water on the lake.

The lake would then be posted, and the area of open water well marked, similar to other lakes in our area that are aerated.

In any case, this is just another step in enhancing, improving, and preserving Lake Ann as a fishing and important natural resource.

According to the association's announcement, it is believed that the latest stress on the lake, and its fishery, is still a repercussion from the flooding and high water levels of the last two years, a lack of vegetation in the lake last year, and the heavy snow cover on the lake this year, which prevents sunlight, which is needed by underwater plants to generated oxygen from penetrating the ice.

Outdoor notes

· In the next few weeks, look for information in this column on DNR certified firearms safety training classes in our area.

Many of our local sportsmen's clubs conduct the classes on a volunteer basis and have doing so for many years.

· Tickets for the Lester Prairie Sportsmen's Club annual Father/Son-Daughter Banquet are now on sale.

To purchase a ticket contact a club member, or stop at Big Don's Carthederal in Lester Prairie.

The banquet is set for Friday, March 19 at Lester Prairie City Hall.

· Firearms safety training classes sponsored by the Mayer/New Germany Sportsmen's Club begin Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

· The fishing seasons for walleye and northern pike are now closed for the year.

The new license season begins Monday, March 1, and the 2004 Minnesota fishing opener is set for Saturday, May 15.

· An unofficial report on Silver Lake stated the lake did freeze out this winter.

Earlier this winter, due to the DNR using the lake as a walleye rearing pond, the lake was a hot spot for walleye fishing.

· Take a kid fishing, he or she will have fun and so will you.

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