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May 29, 2006

Safe Wheelin’ Weekend set for June 2-4

From the DNR
For the second year in a row, Minnesota law enforcement agencies and motorized recreational organizations will work together to promote the safe, legal and environmentally friendly use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) during “Safe Wheelin’ Weekend,” June 2-4.

OHVs include all-terrain vehicles, off-highway motorcycles, and off-road vehicles such as four-wheel-drive trucks.

Since 1995, 133 Minnesotans have died and another 9,700 have been injured in OHV-related incidents.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the agency charged with the mission of offering safety training programs for youth and adult OHV operators.

This year’s Safe Wheelin’ Weekend event is an extension of those programs.

“We are pleased to offer this important event again in partnership with law enforcement agencies and motorized recreational organizations across the state,” said DNR Chief Conservation Officer Col. Mike Hamm. “We’re all in agreement that one accident or one fatality, is one too many.”

Safe Wheelin’ Weekend will focus on illegal operation of OHVs in road right-of-ways and on public lands.

This event also provides opportunities to inform OHV operators in the state on where to ride as well as legal and safe methods of OHV operation.

“This is our second year for Safe Wheelin’ Weekend. We’re confident interest in this event will continue to grow,” said Lt. Leland Owens, DNR recreational vehicle coordinator. “Participating groups for this event once again include statewide OHV organizations such as the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota, the Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association and the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association. These groups consistently work together with local, county and state law enforcement agencies to promote safe riding, reduce accidents and injuries, and protect our natural resources.”

Cooperative law enforcement agencies and OHV organizations will work to their strengths, Owens said.

Conservation officers will focus their education and enforcement efforts on DNR lands across the state.

Sheriffs’ departments and municipal police departments will focus on roads within their jurisdictions, responding to accidents, trespass complaints, and complaints of illegal operation on roads and rights-of-way in their areas.

State Patrol is responsible for state highways, and responding to accidents and complaints of illegal operation on roads and rights-of-way.

OHV organizations will focus on visibility and education on the trails and report major violations to the DNR.

“Off-highway vehicles are very popular and great fun, but with them comes responsibility,” Owens said. “By putting more law enforcement eyes on operators, in cooperation with OHV organizations, we want to show that following the rules and regulations increases everyone’s safety without decreasing everyone’s fun.”

Keg’s Bar Fishing League

Bass & Walleye

Week 1 - Lake Anne - Bass & Walleye Results
1 Woody and Dick Langenfeld
2 walleye 4 lbs. 10 oz.
2. Mike and Kim Moy
2 walleye 2 lbs. 13 oz.
3. Gus and Tom Schoenfeld
2 walleye 1 lb. 10 oz.
4. Mark and Jason Kieser
2 walleye 1 lb. 6 oz.
4. John Lambrecht and Brian Honkomp
2 walleye 1 lb. 6 oz.
(Lambrecht and Honkomp also won northern pike category)

Week 1
Name PtsTotal
Woody 20
Dick 20
Mike 16
Kimberly 16
Tom S. 14
Eric S. (Gus) 14
Mark K. 11.5
Jason K. 11.5
John L. 11.5
Brian H. 11.5
Tim T. 1
Russ C. 1
Dave G. 1

To participate, stop in at Keg’s Bar in Winsted, or call (320) 485-4250. Tournament runs Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. Lake is chosen at 3 p.m. on day of fishing. Twelve weeks total with a different lake each week.

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