Chris Schultz

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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake Herald, Minn.

August 18, 1997

Getting ready

Paint the duck boat, untangle the decoys, work the dog and yourself, call the buddies, plan the trips, clean the deer rifle, pattern the shot gun, air out the clothes, review the regs, purchase the licenses, brush up on firearms and hunter safety, fix what needs to be fixed, buy what needs to be bought, and invent or make what can't. It's all a part of getting ready for the upcoming hunting seasons and right now it's more fun then heading to the driving range to practice your golf swing or trolling a crankbait through deep water in search of a lazy walleye.

Although summer hasn't turned to fall yet and there are still more mosquito's flying then ducks, most hunters have been touched by the feel of a cool, crisp morning and are swamped in relentless anticipation of the soon to arrive hunting seasons.

The September Canada goose hunt is only a short three weeks away. The small game season opens Sept. 13. The waterfowl season will be here in six weeks, and soon the mornings will be cool, the days shorter, and the leaves turning. Pheasants will be busting from cover along a harvested corn field. Whitetail bucks will be immersed in the rut and hunters will be in the fields, swamps, and forests experiencing the peak of anticipation and reliving another season of endless tradition.

For this experience and tradition hunters will spend many hours getting ready. The hours are spent in pure joy and are the only way to relieve almost uncontrollable anticipation.

The duck boat may not need a new coat of paint and a new gadget may not need inventing. But, just like the leaves falling and the ducks flying, it will happen.

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