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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake Herald, Minn.

August 25, 1997

Helping a young waterfowler

For a kid or a teenager, waterfowl hunting isn't an easy thing to get into. Just learning the basics takes time and a lot of coaching, and coming up with the right equipment isn't easy either.

When I was a teenager, I was lucky. My dad took me into the field to hunt deer and pheasants and there were several people who helped me become a waterfowler.

One of those people was Bill Scrimgeour. He was a neighbor who lived just down the street a bit. He always had dogs in his kennel, loved to talk about the outdoors, and always had a duck boat and a dozen decoys I could borrow.

My waterfowl hunting adventures started on the Crow River, just behind our farm, when I was about 13. After a season or two on the Crow, I wanted to graduate to the next level of waterfowling - the lakes and swamps, with a duck boat and more decoys.

When that time came, there was Bill. His boys had grown and moved on and he didn't spend days in the blind any more. But, when it came to hunting and the outdoors, his passion was still there.

We talked about waterfowl hunting often, he helped me clean a bird or two, and when I needed a spot to go or a duck boat and decoys to use, he always had them for me.

When I would get back from a morning's hunt with his duck boat and decoys, he was usually there to check out the results and share another chunk of his outdoor passion and waterfowl hunting tradition.

Simply, he loved it and he loved to see me doing it.

Bill, who I'm sure many of you knew from his years as a pharmacist, was stricken by cancer a few years back, and passed away Aug. 14. His memorial service was Friday and gifts from the memorial went to cancer research and to Pheasants Forever.

In this column, I would just like to thank him for helping out a young waterfowler, and let him know that when a neighbor kid needs a duck boat and a few decoys to use, mine will be available.

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