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By Chris Schultz

Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal & Howard Lake Herald, Minn.

September 22, 1997

A prescription for duck hunters

Although many waterfowl hunters have already gotten a taste of hunting this year via the September Canada goose hunt and the Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day.

The real season, the one that brings out a majority of the hunters, gets rolling Saturday, Oct. 4 at noon.

On that day, duck hunters in our state will be out in thousands, many in our area. They will be out early in the dark morning, with waders on and boats filled, to get the best spot. The water will be cold, and many of the boats will be overloaded with decoys, hunters, equipment, and dogs. Anticipation and excitement may be so high that certain elements of safety are overlooked.

In waterfowl hunting, like most outdoor adventures, safety is of the most importance, and no matter how high the anticipation or excitement, there are certain common sense elements that must not be overlooked.

With the basics of firearms safety being at the top of the list, and with the majority of hunters being very cautious when the gun is in hand, we'll move on to a few safety tips that many duck hunters forget when they see a flock of mallards cruising through the sky.

Across our state and in our area, a majority of the duck hunting is done on the water and in boats. Hunters must consider themselves to be boaters before hunters.

In duck hunting on the water, the boat is more than just a tool to get from the landing to blind. With that in mind, here a few suggestions to keep your waterfowl hunt safe and fun.

If you're looking for more information on boating and waterfowl hunting safety, call the DNR at 1-800-766-6000 and request a brochure titled a "Prescription for Duck Hunters."

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