DNR puts out new deer season map

Something has changed in this year's Hunting and Trapping Regulations booklet. The fold-out deer map that hunters have been using since 1978 has had a make-over for 1997.

The new map, which was created electronically on a computer, more clearly shows zone and permit area boundaries, and other important landmarks. In addition, it will be easier to make changes or boundary adjustments in future years.

Dave Schad, who oversees big game programs for the Department of Natural Resources, explained that the new map should be an improvement over the old map that was in use for almost 20 years. "The old map was based on the state highway map. It included a lot of extra information that was very difficult to read -- information that deer hunters do not necessarily need to select the zone they want to hunt in and the antlerless permit area they are interested in applying for," Schad said.

Since there is not as much detail on the new map as was present on the old, some hunters may have to spend a bit more time looking at the map until they get familiar with the new format. "We have dropped off a lot of the small lakes and streams, towns and smaller roads that are not needed to identify important boundaries," Schad noted. "Some hunters might find it difficult to orient themselves using the new map until they get used to the new format that includes mainly zone and permit area boundaries."

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