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September 1998 issue

Extension agent prefers fields to offices

Organic farming offers alternative to chemicals

One farmer's trash is another's treasure

Milking to end at Bickmans' small farm

The one and only milk machine

May 1998 issue

Horsches honored as Wright Co. farm family of the year

Technology allows farmers to manage small areas of fields

It's time to stop treating soil like dirt

Project mixes cattle and reforestation

Computer controls ventilation system

Crow River Lamb and Wool Producers Association

Favorite farm memories (May)

The chicken story: too much of a good thing

Couple opens retail lamb shop on farm

Artist recreates ag agent painting

So who really needs farmers anyway?

Cost of living goes up, but not for farmers

February 1998 issue

Vet Harlan Anderson is a cheerleader for dairy industry

Berry Cam serves a 5-state area

Computer technology, information helpful to bottom line profits

From trenches to silos to trenches

The story of Janet the Cow

Merger of four co-ops includes Mid-America Dairymen

Minn. farmland prices keep rising

Favorite farm memories (Feb.)

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